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Questions about Lions Club

What is Lions Club?

Lions Club is the largest service organization in the world.  Lions Clubs exist to serve their local communities and to serve others around the world.

Are there dues?

Yes.  Lions pay dues to the international organization and to their District and local clubs to pay for club administration.  That way, funds collected from the public are all put to good use.
How much is it?

Dues vary by club.  Lions International charges $43.00 a year with discounts for students and family members.

Is there a initiation fee?

LCI charges each new member $25.00.  Some clubs may pay this fee for you. 

How do I find out more about Lions?

There is plenty of information on the internet on this website and on the Lions International website.  But the best way is to visit a club meeting near you and meet the members.
Where can I get a membership application?

Here you go!  Just click this link.

Do you collect old eyeglasses?

Yes, we do!  Eyeglasses are recycled and usable pairs are distributed in developing nations.  Others are recycled for parts or for metal.  We also recycle used hearing aids and cell phones!

Where can I take eyeglasses and hearing aids?

There are collection boxes in almost every town.  There is a partial list here, or contact a club in your area.  You can also fill out the contact form at the bottom of this page and we'll find a collection site near you.

Website Questions

Why isn't there a link to my club's website?

We don't know what it is!  Please send it!

How can my club get its own website?

Lions International has a program called e-Clubhouse for Lions Clubs to get their own websites.  It's fun, it's easy, and it's free!  No excuses, get one today!

What is the password to see the password-protected files?

Well, if I told you here, the whole world would know!  The password was emailed to the club secretaries and presidents, zone chairs,  and District leadership at the beginning of the year (July).  If you are a Lions Club member, you can ask one of them, or email your Webmaster.

How do I find Lions 39W on Facebook?

If you are signed up for Facebook, type Lions 39W in the search box at the top right hand side of your home page.  Then like us! .  Or just go to You don't have to sign up for facebook to see our page.

I need an address for a club.  Where can I find it?

Mailing addresses for clubs are listed on the club page.   Phone numbers, email addresses, and mailing addresses for club presidents and secretaries are available in a pdf file that you can download.  It's password protected to keep our members' information secure. 

LCI Monthly Membership and Activity Reports

What is the "LCI Report"?

It's a report that Lions Clubs International (LCI) asks all clubs to fill out each month to track membership and club activities.

Where do I find it?

It's available from a link at the top of the Lions International website or there is a link on the home page of the District website.  Look on the right hand side. Here's another link for you.

I don't know my password.

If you are a current club secretary or president and are listed as such with LCI with a current email address, you can register from the log-in page.  If that doesn't work, contact LCI.

What is a PU 101?

It's an LCI form for reporting your club officers.  New club officers should be reported to LCI by May 15 of each year.  It's preferable to fill it out online at MyLCI, but you can also download the form at this link and send it in.  If you don't fill it out, your new officers will not get mail and email from Lions International and they won't get new passwords for filling out the reports.  They will be sad.

How do I submit a Lion to be a Melvin Jones Fellow? 

 LCI has a form you can find here.

I didn't find the answer to my question.

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